District of Sculpture Photograph in FotoWeek DC 2011 Exhibit

Last Friday, FotoWeek DC kicked off with two exciting launch parties. The festivities began at 5pm at FotoWeek CENTRAL headquarters at 18th & L street NW.

The large trendy space was bustling with people and bumping with music. My good friend and amazing artist, Gail accompanied me for the evening. We wandered through the many interesting exhibits, enjoyed drinks and food and eventually made our way to the FotoWeek DC International Awards Exhibition.

It was surreal to see my own photograph amongst the winners! Also, I enjoyed viewing the other photographs and meeting some of the other winning photographers.

One of the judges who chose the winners for my category was in attendance. This NYC agent for professional photographers explained why he was so drawn to my photo. He worked with a National Geographic photographer to choose the winners for the category. I was speechless!

The party moved on to the Corcoran Gallery of Art around 8:30pm – growing in size and spirit.

The DC FotoBooth was in full-effect at the Corcoran – allowing everyone to be photographed for the big screens.

While waiting in line for the open bar, the FotoWeek DC Competition Winners’ photographs began projecting on the big screen.  I nervously wondered if mine would be shown…

Around 10pm, standing amongst hundreds of people – my photograph was displayed on two large projection screens in the Corcoran’s grand halls. As a photographer, this was the honor of the lifetime.

Wearing a badge distinguishing that I was a competition winner, strangers congratulated me throughout the evening!  I felt like the belle of the ball; it was a night I’ll cherish forever.

If you are in the area, FotoWeek DC runs through Saturday Nov. 12th 2011. Check the website for exciting exhibits and events!


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