Bartholdi Fountain: It’s Electric!

Famous for sculpting the Statue of Liberty, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi also created the “Fountain of Water and Light” for America’s centennial in 1876.

Originally lit by 12 gas-lamps, it was a highlight nighttime attractions in DC.  By 1915, the fountain was completely electrified. From 1912-29, the fountain was located directly in front of the Capitol Building on and in 1932, it was moved to its current spot, at Independence Ave and First Street SW behind the Botanical Gardens.

I was shocked to discover this fountain. How could I have missed it before?  Turns out, it was under renovation from 2008-2011. Bartholdi Fountain is back, beautiful and sustainable!

Bartholdi Park is an oasis on the steps of Capitol Hill.  It’s peace next to politics.


2 responses to “Bartholdi Fountain: It’s Electric!

  1. Beautiful fountain and great history. 🙂

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