Play Ball! Baseball Sculpture in Washington DC

Nothing says summer like baseball! John Dreyfuss’ Full Count is a breath of fresh air among historical and allegorical figures in DC. The District may not be known for its baseball yet the Washington Nationals are kicking butt this year!

Full Count captures the pinnacle moment of American drama. The pitcher stands tall, deciding which pitch to throw. The batter holds his bat up, ready to swing. The catcher and umpire lean in close.  Home run or strike-out?

Dreyfuss’ architectural training shines through in his sculpting style, his figures are uniquely elongated with strong poetic lines.

“Today, baseball is still the lens through which Americans see themselves and debate controversial issues. The game continues to challenge athletes to consider their responsibilities as figures in the public realm. In many respects, baseball is a perfect crucible for our national self- definition.”  –John Dreyfuss

Sculpture Name: Full Count
Sculptor: John Dreyfuss
Year: 1988 – 1990
Material: Bronze
Location: Near the Federal Reserve Annex at Virginia Ave & 20th St NW


3 responses to “Play Ball! Baseball Sculpture in Washington DC

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  2. Thank you to the Washington City Paper for featuring this post in today’s Arts Roundup!

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