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A Bull Moose Lost in the Woods: Or President Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt’s larger-than-life 17 foot statue is fitting for our 26th President, who once took a bullet in the chest and then proceeded to give a 90-minute speech before going to the hospital. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he exclaimed to the … Continue reading


Changing Seasons with Kahlil Gibran

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Rainbow-colored leaves danced at my ankles, as I wandered through the Kahlil Gibran Memorial. Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) was a Lebanese-American artist, poet, writer and philosopher best known for his masterpiece, The Prophet. Gibran’s philosophies on peace, meditation, understanding, and rational … Continue reading


D.C. War Memorial Re-Opens: Clean and Controversial

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The D.C. War Memorial is a secret garden on the National Mall.  Steps from the Lincoln, World War II and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorials, it stands secluded from the pomp and circumstance (and tourists) of the surrounding spaces. Visiting … Continue reading


District of Sculpture Photograph in FotoWeek DC 2011 Exhibit

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Last Friday, FotoWeek DC kicked off with two exciting launch parties. The festivities began at 5pm at FotoWeek CENTRAL headquarters at 18th & L street NW. The large trendy space was bustling with people and bumping with music. My good friend … Continue reading


The Strength of Stone and The Hope of Light

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Forty-eight years ago today – Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  In commemoration, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial dedication was scheduled for today, August 28, 2011. … Continue reading


Nameless Sexless Solace

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In Washington, you never know whose footsteps you walk in. Standing outside the cemetery’s iron gates, I sighed nervously.  I’d never ventured to this area of DC before.  I wasn’t sure a graveyard was a safe place to wander. A dusty … Continue reading